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Get your patch test at home!

Have you had a recent colour patch test? At Beyond the Fringe we've signed up to Colourstart so you can carry out a Colourstart Patch Test from the comfort of your own home.

Covid-19 has meant that many of us have gone months at a time without having our hair coloured, which has meant that many people may require an up-to-date colour patch test. At Beyond the Fringe we are excited to announce that we have signed up to Colourstart.

Colourstart gives you a simple way of having a patch test without having to visit the salon.

Step 1: Set up your own personal Colourstart Passport profile by visiting app.colourstart.com

Step 2: Answer 6 simple YES or NO questions to check whether you are able to use the Colourstart Patch Test.

Step 3: If you get an amber tick you can go ahead.

Step 4: When you book your appointment with us just ask to purchase a Colourstart Patch Test for £15. You can pay by card over the phone

Step 5: We will send you out your Patch Test. Please allow 7 working days to ensure you have your Patch Test in time.

Step 6: Carry out your Colourstart Patch Test from the comfort of your own home, following the simple video that can be found by clicking here.

Step 7: Take a photo of the Colourstart Patch Test on your arm and apply it to your Colourstart Passport.

Step 8: Confirm your result in your Colourstart Passport and then SHARE your result with us before your appointment.

Step 9: Arrive for your appointment, sit back and relax!

You can find out more about Colourstart by downloading their information leaflet by clicking here.

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